Hired Hands 

Day Spa

Waxing/Tanning Services

Waxing Form

Lady's Facial Waxing

Brow Wow

Waxing, tweezing, shaping, and trimming until your brows are pow! Best for clients who need more than just maintenance for their brows.


Brow Clean

Maintenance for those that have seen us for a brow wax in the last 6 weeks.


Cupid's Bow

Clean up for the upper lip.


Chin Chinny

Death to the chin hairs.


Peach Fuzz

Bye Felicia to the sunlight sparkling peach fuzz on your cheeks. 


Mug Shot

Answer D) all of the above.


Lady's Body Waxing

The Pitts

The underarms.


Armed and Dangerous

Full Arm: From your shoulders to your wrists.


Just Armed

Half Arm: From your elbow to your wrist.


Betty Grable

The Best Legs in Hollywood: From your upper inner thigh to your ankles.


Bees Knees

From your knees to your ankles.



Toes and tops of feet.


Full Brazilian

Everything off down there. *Hair must be groomed to around 1/4 and no more to properly wax.  



Leaves a landing strip from the top all the way to the bottom, but everything else needs to go.


Old Fashioned Bikini

Everything that would show on a Marilyn Monroe swimsuit goes.


Backless Dress

Low back to your waist.


Gentleman's Facial Waxing

Goucho Gone

Waxing, tweezing, and trimming those beasts into shape. Best for clients that haven't seen us in 6 weeks.


Brow Clean

Maintenance for keeping the caterpillars at bay. Best for clients who have seen us within the last weeks.



Brow trim. Clipping only, no waxing or tweezing here.


Gentleman's Body Waxing

Old Spice

Armpit hair gone.



Chest and Torso: From the tops of your shoulders to your waist.


Half Adonis

Chest: Pecks, tops, and sides of shoulders.



Full Back: From the tops of your shoulders to your waist.


Half Atlas

Half Back: From your lower back to your waist.



Full Arm: From the tops of your shoulders to your wrist.


Half Sparta

Half Arm: From your elbows to your wrist.



Full Leg: From your inner thigh to your ankle.


Half Hermes

Half Leg: From the top of your knees to your ankle.



Toes and tops of feet.


Spray Tanning

Tanning Tips:

Exfoliate/shave before coming in for your tan

No oils, lotion, deodorant, or makeup

Loose fitting clothing is recommended to wear home after

Regular Dark & Double Dark...$35

Rapid Regular & Rapid Venetian...$45



Legs Only...$20