L E T   Y O U R   B E A U T Y   S H I N E   T H R O U G H

Introducing Brow Henna!

This process is very similar to tinting, but using all natural henna. Henna stains the hair AND the skin leaving a soft tattooed look without the pain! The stain stays on the hair for up to 6 weeks and on the skin for about a week. Henna does not damage the hair or the skin and can be done even weekly!


Spray Tanning

Tanning Tips

Exfoliating/shaving is best before tan

No oils, lotions, deodorant or makeup

Loose fitting clothing recommended


Regular & Double Dark $35

Rapid 1-3 hour Tan $45

Venetian Tan $45

Purple undertones to combat brassy orange

Legend Spray Tan $50

Vegan Aloe & Green Tea for greater skin health

Legs Only $20

Extensions and Tints

Full Set Classic Lashes

Our eyelash extensions are individual synthetic silk lashes placed one at a time, adhering to a single one of your own natural lash. Eyelash extensions that are placed properly on healthy lashes do not compromise your own lashes. Lashes last from 4-8 weeks depending on your lash growth cycle, friction upon the lashes and exposure to oil based products. Typical fill times are between 2-3 weeks.

Add a pop of color for an additonal $25!  

$125 & up 

Volume Lashes

Volume lashes are va-va-voom! These extremely thin lashes are applied in a fan shape, with 3-6 synthetic lashes per one of your own natural lashes, creating a beautiful voluminous look! Because they're so light, volume lashes tend to last longer, so the typical time for a fill is between 3-4 weeks.


Lash Fills

Lash refills are done when approximately half of your extensions have dropped off. We will happily fill lashes that have been applied by another technician, however a full set appointment must be booked to ensure we have enough time to assess what kind of lashes have been previously used and make appropriate recommendations.

$60 classic & up

$75 colored

$125 volume

Lash and Brow Tints

Simple alternative to mascara and brow fills.

$25 Separate

$45 together

Introducing Elleebana Lash Lifts

Curl and lift your own natural lashes for amazing definition! Lash lifts last from 6-8 weeks!  




Lift & Tint

Make Up Artistry


Let us help you look your best on this important day! Bridal make up includes one full hour trial run and one full hour of artistry on the big day as well as a touch up kit to take with you. Deposit of 50% is required upon booking.


Total of 2 Hours

Photography/High Fashion

Not your everyday look! Got an event that needs something unique and different?


90 minutes


Perfect for prom, bridesmaid, or a special evening out!


60 minutes


Winged liner getting you down? Contouring feeling like a high school math lesson? Let us teach you some new tricks! Any cosmetics purchased during a lesson are half off!


30 minutes

Just the Eyes

Let the windows into your soul shine!


20 minutes